What We Believe


Love God, love people, and reach the world for Jesus Christ.


Helping people find their destiny in Jesus Christ.



We desire to continually see and be aware of the Presence of God in our daily lives. We worship Him in community and individually not to perform, but to be in His presence.  In every day activities we look for the Holy Spirit. We want to hear His voice and gain His wisdom.  We like St. Ignatius’ Daily Examen which we try to GRAFT in our every day prayers to God – Give Thanks, Review the day hour by hour, Apologize, Forgive, Take all our concerns to God’s grace.

We are a hospital of sinners, not a museum of saints. We want to feel free to share our weaknesses and true selves. Whether it’s about our depression, divorce, addiction, lack of faith, or difficulty in following Jesus, it is welcomed and not judged. We also celebrate the true joys in our lives. We desire to be a community of authentic, genuine, really fun, and sometimes funny people.

We strive to be thoughtful in integrating biblical wisdom with everyday living. We want to be wise in holding in tension the absolutes given by God with life’s difficult situations that might seem to be in conflict. We see nuances, but still firmly believe in the biblical commandments. We understand the complexities of issues, but we are guided by the Word of God and the Holy Spirit.

In our teaching we want to hear from the sages of old who have lessons for us today, such as C.S. Lewis, St. Ignatius, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, St. Augustine, and Mother Teresa, as well as contemporary thought-leaders as N.T. Wright, Tim Keller, and Francis Chan.

We hope to be a humble community where we want to learn, listen, and know that much of what we may believe and do needs to be transformed and shaped by the Lord. We want to listen to the Holy Spirit. The strongest statement we can say in fellowship is, “I am probably right but I might be wrong.” We know that with more eyes we have clearer vision. We want to be life-long learners and listen more than talk and be willing to say “I’m sorry. Got it wrong.” We try not to take ourselves too seriously. We make fun of ourselves, wear Mickey Mouse watches, and know we have many faults, foibles, and failures.

With no outward journey, we become insular and provincial. Service reflects real faith. Our church strives to hold three aspects in tension – spiritual, social, and service. If we neglect any of the three, we would be a fourth “S” – sick. We desire to be all-in when following Jesus. We remember how the Bible tells us that we need to always have a heart for the poor, the imprisoned, the houseless, the stranger in the neighborhood, the widow, the unchurched. We are always reminded that our humble Lord Jesus is the one who washed people’s feet. We are to be community–centered. It’s not all about us. We know that the community is a large place that goes beyond Hawaii, and so we will travel to other countries to serve those in need. 


We are Christians who believe in Jesus Christ and trust Him to lead our lives because He is the Savior and Messiah who died for our sins. We believe in one God who revealed Himself and His plans for us in the Bible and especially through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We are members of the Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians (ECO).

We have pastors and lay pastors, a board of Elders (Session) who are responsible for the life of the church, and deacons who are charged with nurturing and ministering to those in need.


We have received a precious legacy. Following a very careful study, initiated by the Presbytery of Los Angeles in 1957, the Keeaumoku Street property was purchased as the location for the first Presbyterian church to be organized in the islands. Initial worshipers assembled at the Richards Street Y.W.C.A. The new building at 1822 Keeaumoku Street was completed in 1961 and the congregation moved in. The air-conditioned sanctuary, with a seating capacity of over 500, provided room to grow. Additional facilities, provided through two subsequent building programs, have been shared with the larger community.

We face the future with faith and great expectations and we want to build on this strong foundation of the past and present. We believe our years of greatest growth are still before us at our current location in Kaneohe, which encompasses 243 acres of land. Our generation has received so much from those who preceded us in the life and work of this church. Now it’s our turn. Let the adventure continue!