The Red Carpet Team is made up of all the teams that extend a warm welcome to everyone who comes to our church campus, especially on Sunday mornings. 

  • USHERS: Greet and welcome people, help seat them during worship services, get the Sanctuary ready for worship services.

  • HOSPITALITY TABLE GREETERS: Attend to first-time visitors of the church, make them feel welcomed, and help them find their way around the campus.

  • SHUTTLE VAN DRIVERS: Use the church vans to give complimentary rides from specific pick-up points in town to the church campus and back for Sunday morning worship services.

  • PARKING VOLUNTEERS: Attend to the needs of guests in our parking lot.

  • COFFEE BARISTAS are trained to make espresso coffee for guests and create a welcoming atmosphere at our Sunday Coffee Bar.

Red Carpet Team members create the first impression of the church to guests. We’re looking for team members who are naturally friendly and are passionate about making people feel welcomed and accepted at First Prez. If any of these teams seem like a good fit for you, contact these team leaders for more info:


 CONTACT (General Information): Sherri Shephard •