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Mighty Moms

Tuesdays, 9:30–11:30 AM
4th/5th grade room



Mighty Moms is a fellowship group for moms with young kids. It’s a diverse group of women from different walks of life, hailing from different parts of the country, and in different phases of parenting who desire to grow through friendships, Bible study, and prayer.

Free childcare is available.


“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first walked into Mighty Moms, but I immediately felt welcomed and encouraged. It is now the 2 hours of my week that I look forward to the most! The time of fellowship really feeds my soul. It’s a chance to share parenting adventures, laugh together, pray together and grow closer to God—rejuvenating and inspiring me on this journey of motherhood!” — Tammy M.

“Coming from the mainland, this group supported me during a very difficult time of transition. In addition to friendship and spiritual growth, these ladies were a great resource for all aspects of life in Hawaii.” — Tracie P. 

“I felt loved from the first time I came to Mighty Moms. We share struggles and tears, but also hilarity and, yes … a cornucopia of tasting sensations. The diverse experiences and personalities of other moms have given me fresh insight and deeper understanding of the bible passages we study each week. Fellow mighty moms don’t judge, and only give advice if you beg for it! Finally, I feel a great peace of mind to know that my child is being expertly cared for and showered with affection in the nursery.” — Beth M.