Adult Bible studies, fellowship, and ministry opportunities

Our Sunday morning Life Training Classes are a key component to our discipleship pathway at First Prez. Our classes assist us in growing as devoted followers of Jesus, who are growing into His image and committed to His mission in the world. The classes are also aimed at developing core skills that help us to thrive as Christians who impact our world. These skills include:

  • How to study, interpret, and practically apply the Bible

  • How to identify and use your spiritual gifts

  • How to share and live out your faith in God

  • How to pray

  • How to discern God’s will

  • How to disciple and relate well with others

  • How to manage your finances

So join us for the great adventure of stretching our souls to greater things for the glory of God and the good of our world.


CONTACT: Pastor Steve Peich • (808) 532-1139 •