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Our History

We have received a precious legacy. Following a very careful study, initiated by the Presbytery of Los Angeles (not the Presbytery of the Pacific) in 1957, the Keeaumoku Street property was purchased as the location for the first Presbyterian church to be organized in the islands. Dr. William E. Phifer, Jr. was chosen as the organizing pastor, soon joined by the Reverend Philip Y. Lee, Associate Pastor. Initial worshipers assembled at the Richards Street Y.W.C.A. The new building at 1822 Keeaumoku Street was completed in 1961 and the congregation moved in. The air-conditioned sanctuary, with a seating capacity of over 500, provided room to grow. Additional facilities, provided through two subsequent building programs, have been shared with the larger community.

First Presbyterian Church of Honolulu has become one of the largest and strongest churches in the Islands. Now we face the future with faith and great expectations and we want to build on this strong foundation of the past and present. We believe our years of greatest growth are still before us at our current location in Kaneohe, which encompasses 243 acres of land. Our generation has received so much from those who preceded us in the life and work of this church. Now it’s our turn! First Presbyterian Church of Honolulu has an exciting future at Ko’olau. Let the adventure continue!

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