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Beebe Freitas

 A graduate of Oberlin College, Beebe received her Master’s Degree from Boston University and studied at Juilliard where she was the Choral Accompanist.  She has performed with such renowned soloists as Yo Yo Ma, Bass Virtuoso Edgar Meyer, and Leonard Rose. She has recorded with clarinetist David Shifrin and has been rehearsal pianist for many conductors such as Leonard Bernstein and Erich Leinsdorf.  

At First Prez, Beebe is the organist and sometime pianist  for the first 2 Services; Pianist for the Church Choir. She loves being able to work with Roslyn, Mary, Leon, Megan, Cory, the entire Worship -  and the Choir; Dan and the pastoral Staff, and being inspired by worship every Sunday. Beebe has also been the organist for the Punahou School Chapels for over 30 years and is the Associate Artistic Director of Hawaii Opera Theatre.

Beebe, tell us about your family

My father was born in Hungary; my mother was born in Conneaut, Ohio, to Hungarian parents, so I’m 100% Hungarian! My father was the pastor of the Hungarian Evangelical Reformed United Presbyterian Church of Youngstown, Ohio.  My mother was the church organist and long-time choir director;  head of the Sociology Department and Dean of Women at Youngstown State University; an attorney. I have one sister: Linda (Jolie), married to Dr. William Friend of Mercer Island, Washington.  I have one daughter - Roslyn - and one son - John.  You all know Roslyn!  John is General Manager of the Hualalai Club at the Hualalai Resort, is married to Kathryn; they live on the Big Island, and have two sons: Bodie -  now a freshman in high school-  and  Jackson - a 4th grader.  They - of course -  are all brilliant.  


What is your favorite comfort food?

I have 2:  Chicken Paprikás and Krumpli Galuska (Both are Hungarian -: the latter is potato dumplings, bacon and melted cheese…..sort of Hungarian Mac and Cheeses)


What is one of your pet peeves? 

Waking up before my dream is over!


What’s the last book you read?

A John Grisham book…..or was it Tom Clancy? ….or Michael Chrichton?….or James Patterson?  


If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be?

To sing like Maria Callas or Karen Carpenter and dance with the authority and power and grace of Baryshnikoff….(ain’t never gonna happen, so don’t hold your breath!)


Which Hollywood film actor would play you in a movie of your life?

Judy Garland or Dustin Hoffman


Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 how weird you are. :)

 At least a 9.5 (I’m pretty weird!)


What is your favorite Hawaii Restaurant you would recommend?

Big CIty DIner; California Pizza Kitchen; Longhi’s, Roy’s


What is your favorite place(s) in Hawaii to get dessert?



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