About Us

Mary Chesnut Hicks


Mary is the genius behind the First Prez choir. She is a master vocalist and frequents the Hawaii Opera Theatre mainstage. In addition to opera, she has also appeared in over 30 local musical theatre productions. By day, Mary teaches music at Iolani School along with conducting the choir at First Prez. We are very blessed to have her in this church family. 
Who is in your immediate family? 
Husband Kalani Hicks, son MIchael, daughter Elaine (Lainey)  
When did you first start coming to First Prez?

1999. I came to sing for Susie Duprey at Christmas Eve, but didn’t come regularly till I was hired in September 2001


What is one thing that you love about the First Prez family?

One thing? Who can pick just one thing? It’s a FAMILY!



What do you love most about working for First Prez?

It doesn’t feel like work! I come to "play" with my friends and worship our amazing GOD! 



What inspires you?

Hmmmmm. Working with Roz and Beebe. They are some of the best musicians and people I have ever met.   


Who is the one person in your life who has most influenced you?

My parents. Amazing AMAZING people. Miss them every second of every day. 



Do you have any hidden talents?


I used to be a really good athlete! ha ha! I played varsity basketball and won a medal in a biathlon!  



What is your life-long goal? 

To serve God and raise my kids to know how much God loves them. (Oh, and traveling to Italy would be nice.)  


Tell us one little-known fact about you:

I am a pretty open book…   hmmmm….. I love to watch home decorating shows?! 


What is your favorite…. 

Drink @ Starbucks / Jamba?

Venti nonfat latte



It changes daily…..



I love anything italian…. Longhis is right up there. But I also love good Chinese Food… Pake’s is great. 



 A really good balsamic vinegar with fresh italian bread. : ) 




Ice Cream Flavor? 



Book (other than the Bible)?

Good Night Moon, and many other kids books!




A Charlie Brown Christmas. Could watch that every year.




Childhood memory?

Christmas Eve at our Episcopal Church…  Watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with my Dad while the turkey was cooking in the oven! 

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