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Karen MakishimaKaren Makishima

Director of Children’s Ministry

What brought you to First Prez?
I was serving at another church on staff for 7 years and felt God calling me somewhere else.  I just wasn’t sure where that somewhere else was.  I was contemplating leaving the ministry and getting a secular job but I couldn’t see myself doing anything but Children’s Ministry. A friend of mine was currently serving as the Children’s Director at FPC.  She was in the process of retiring and invited me to apply for the position.  The rest is history!

How long have you been on board?
I began serving in this position June 13, 2007 during Avalanche Ranch VBS.

What are my hopes for the next year at First Pres? 
Continue building an AWESOME team who loves God and children so that we can reach the children of Oahu and anywhere else God may call us to!

Who’s that Japanese guy you are always with?
 Kimo is my husband of 32 years.  We were married in August of 1976.  He was born and raised here on the island.  The Lord will give him extra jewels (for being married to me) in his crown when he gets to heaven.

Any other family members? 
Kimo and I have one (not spoiled) daughter and one favorite son –in law who is currently serving in Iraq.  Together they have 4 beautiful children which makes them our spoiled grandchildren.  I refuse to be called grandma though.  I am still in denial.  They currently are stationed in Texas.  I miss them and need a grandkid fix every 4 months.

What are your passions? 
Children, the ocean, the mountains, and the sky at nighttime

Leisure Activities?
Leisure – I am not sure what that is.  I used to enjoy snorkeling, boogie boarding, camping, hiking and anything outdoors.  It seems like lately I am lucky if I make it to my kick boxing class on Saturday mornings.

Favorite Restaurant?
Assagio’s in Kailua – “Shrimps and Scallops Alla Bolla” please or Gyotaku’s combination yakitori bento works just as well

Favorite Movie?
Overboard & Shrek

Any Dreams or aspirations?
I would love to have a green thumb so that my little backyard would be an oasis where I could escape.  I have learned that skill yet.

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