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RozRoslyn Catracchia

Roslyn is the voice and sound of First Prez. Vocalist, pianist and songwriter extraordinaire, we are so blessed to have Roz minister to us each week!


What exactly do you do at First Prez? 

My job title is Director of Worship and Performing Arts, but I do everything from designing services each week to putting out reserved signs and a rose announcing a birth in our church family. One of my favorite things to do each week is to work with the worship team (Pastor Dan, or the preaching pastor of the week, and Mary Hicks) to come up with creative ways to worship God and support the message being preached each Sunday.


In addition to that, I play a big part in designing and producing the special services throughout the year — Easter, Christmas, Ash Wednesday, Independence Day, etc. 


But one of my favorite things to do is the Keiki Christmas Musical. I get to partner with Karen Makishima, one of the nicest people in this world. Together, we work with 40-50 kids, putting on a musical that shares the story of our Savior’s birth in a glorious way. There is nothing like it! Each and every child brings something special to the program and fills my heart to overflowing!


What do you like most about your job?

I love that my job pulls me closer to God. I try to dig deep in studying the scripture and sermon notes to design the services each week, sort of saturating myself with the message before putting together the lineup. And on top of that, I get to hear the message two to three times on Sundays! How awesome is that!


What is your favorite comfort food? 

Anything Hungarian that my mom used to make. Chicken Paprikash or Krumpli Golushka … OK, I have no idea how to actually even spell that, I just know it tastes incredible and cures any blues.


What is one thing you can’t stand?

Cooking!!! UGH! Seriously. I mess up rice in a great rice cooker. But I love mom’s Hungarian recipes so much, that I’m gonna have to try.


What are your favorite books? 

1) Facing Your Giants by Max Lucado. I’ve read it again and again. Very encouraging!!
2) Walking On Water by Madeleine L’engle - Reflections on Faith and Art.


What is your favorite movie (song)?

The Princess Bride


If you could be a superhero, what would you want your superpowers to be? 

I’d wanna be WISE like King Solomon.


Which Hollywood film actor would play you in a movie of your life?

Julia Roberts, Lucille Ball or Jack Black :)


Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 how weird you are.

Well, hmmmm, I’m pretty out there. I know I’m not “normal”, but I’ve come to believe that no one is normal cuz there is no normal. But weird? Yeah, I’m pretty weird – so I’ll pick 7 cuz that’s my favorite number between 1 and 10.


What is your favorite Hawaii Restaurant you would recommend?

If you scroll back and see that I can’t stand cooking, you’ll understand why I have many many many restaurants that I go to – everything from Zippy’s to Morton’s. So for every day eating, I’d pick California Pizza Kitchen in Kahala cuz they are so nice there and the food is awesome. For more expensive, I’d pick Assaggios in Kahala. And for really really nice occasions, I have two favorite restaurants – Morton’s Steakhouse and Sushi Sasabune.


What is your favorite place(s) in Hawaii to get dessert?

I’m not much of a dessert person (wasn’t even sure if it had one s or two!). If I’m gonna go out, I’d rather have more of the main course than eat dessert. But Roy’s Restaurant’s molten lava chocolate soufflé dessert is pretty off the charts. Yeah, it’s so perfect I don’t think it should even be considered just a dessert. That could be my meal for the night. 

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