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Steve PeichPastor Steve Peich


He’s a familiar face at First Prez, having had taught several Life Training classes on Sunday mornings over the last three years. But now it’s official. Steve Peich joins the First Prez staff as Assistant Pastor, and is now in charge of our Men’s Ministry, one of possibly many other ministries he’ll find himself involved in. 

We sat down with Pastor Steve and discovered how he helps people connect with God and why he loves the Yankees more than the Mets. 

Tell us a bit of your background.

I grew up in the Eastern Orthodox faith, but I have to admit I understood little about it because the church services were all in Serbian (my family line is all from Serbia). However, my dad and I would often have deep talks about God, the meaning of life, etc. This created in me a desire to always seek something deeper in life. 

I didn’t give my life to the Lord until I was 21. Once that day came, my life did a 180. A few years later in 1984, I had the opportunity to serve as a missionary in a refugee camp in Southeast Asia. Since then I have been involved in ministry for 30 years. I have been a youth pastor, a church planter, a senior pastor, a missionary to Thailand, and the Executive Director of the Bible Institute of Hawaii.

Three years ago I started a pastoral counseling practice. During that time I got involved, little by little, with First Prez. The deeper I stepped into the life of First Prez the more I enjoyed being a part of the First Prez community. I also got to spend time with some of the staff at retreats and on a mission trip. In those times I saw a lot of passion, commitment, and soulful health in the leadership. I also experienced their wacky humor.

Some of the things that drew me to First Prez were the fantastic students in my Life Training Classes. The conversations were always so rich (and fun!). I also appreciated the church’s commitment to helping the poor overseas through Compassion International and other projects. 

What inspires you?

Deep talks, challenging books, the beauty of Hawaii, and the challenge of a new project.

What are your spiritual gifts?

I would say teaching, preaching, and leading. It seems that no matter what else I try to do in ministry I always find myself doing these three things. The only thing I have never been asked to do in church is sing. And there is good reason for that. 

What are you passionate about?

The New York Yankees! By far, they’re the world’s winningest baseball team with 27 world championships, compared to the Mets’ 2 and the Red Sox’s 8. My dad and I used to go to Yankees games. I just love the history of the team. 

But on a more serious note, I’m passionate about helping people have a greater intimacy with Christ, a greater likeness to Him, a greater wholeness in Him, and to be a great witness for Him. I base what I do in ministry toward these outcomes. 

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I enjoy date nights with my wife. I love spending time with my family. I like to hike, work out, and talk deep with my son. 

Who lives in your house?

Just me and my wife, Dyne (pronounced “dine”). My daughter is married and lives on the mainland, and my son (a senior at UH) is mostly at the dorms. 

What’s your favorite food?

I love Italian and Thai food. I could eat pasta all day. Everyday. I also love the spicy foods of Thailand; they make my mouth come alive. 

You’re the guest speaker at the May 26 Men’s Dinner at First Prez. What do you want to say to the men reading this now?


I want the men to come to this dinner because we’re going to get into what it means to be a complete man of God––a man who has Jesus’ character, passions, purposes, and values permeating ALL areas of his life. We’re going to talk about what’s required of men so that the Kingdom of God comes and His will is done through them, as it is in heaven.


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