About Us


Our Mission 

"Love God, love people and reach the world for Jesus Christ." 

Our Vision
"Helping people find their destiny in Jesus Christ." 

Core Values

Authenticity • We believe God works best in our lives when we live authentically-being honest with others about our struggles and joys.

Humility • We believe that the church should exhibit a humility that is open to new ideas with the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Excellence • We believe that excellence honors God and inspires people.

Evangelism • We believe that because the Gospel is worth sharing with others, we should invite people to church. (Includes relational evangelism and invitation to all church events)

Disciplines • We believe we should be engaged in the disciplines of spiritual life for our spiritual growth and maturity. (Includes prayer, worship, fasting, tithing, Bible study.)

Worship • We believe corporate worship should include all aspects of the performing arts to enjoy God and glorify Him. (Includes hymns, drama, praise songs, media, and dance as expressions of praise.)

Small Groups • We believe that Christian community is essential for spiritual growth and develops best in covenant (small) groups.

Spiritual Gifts • We believe we should be actively serving in our areas of spiritual giftedness.

Biblical Literacy • We believe that Biblical literacy should be the life-goal of every Christian. (Includes understanding the Bible and knowing how to study and apply it.)

Stewardship • We believe that God calls us to be wise stewards of the resources He has given us. (Includes our money, time, talents and resources.)

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