Sermon Times on TV

In our effort to reach more people with God’s Word, First Prez Sunday sermons can now be seen on TV. It’s a 30-min program featuring sermons from previous Sundays. Spread the word!

TV Schedule for First Prez Sermons

Sermons can also be viewed on TV at KALO channel 25 (or 1025 in HD): 

Mondays 7:30-8 pm  |  Tuesdays 3-3:30 am  |  Wednesdays & Sundays 11-11:30 am

Thursdays 9-9:30 pm  |  Fridays 7-7:30 am  |  Saturdays 11:30 pm-12 am

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Sermon Times on TV

Here’s the schedule for when we’re on KALO

First Prez Sermons air at 7 different times throughout the week!

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