About Us

Our Deacons

Deacons are ordained laypersons and members of First Prez elected by the congregation to a ministry for caring for those in need in the church. Deacons are spiritual leaders of the church who pray for others, visit the sick, support those who have lost loved ones and assume other duties, like assisting with Communion. They are known for their love for the Lord and their compassion for others.      

    Marianna Meachen (staff liaison)

Vic Copeland

Adelia Dung 


Karen Dyke 

John Ellis 

Brian Fila

Kathleen Funk-Linton     

Michele Gorman (Co-Moderator)

Betti Griffen   

Evelyn Hein

Carol Hough  

Soonhee Huh 

Linda Iverson

Divina Jenkins 

John Jenkins 

Darlene Laster 

Lee Laster  

Diana Lim 

Frank Lim 

Barbra Manni 

Carolyn Mee 

Raphael Mercado 

Karen Mott 

Valerie Post 

Marianne Schultz   

Christy Seaquist 

Richard Seaquist 

Jenny Tsukazaki 

    Dale Vincent (Deacon Moderator)

Ron Watanabe

Carolyn Weber 


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