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Our Session Elders

Elders are members of First Prez elected by the congregation to serve on Session, the governing board of the church. They are elected and ordained to govern the church by prayerful deliberation and active involvement in the church’s ministries. The Bible encourages us to choose Elders who actively live out their faith and have a reputation for wisdom and integrity.    

Steve Hirashima - Alpha Course

Al Linton - Buildings and Grounds Ministry     

Linda Willoughby - Care Ministries 

Nat Higa - Family Ministries 

Karen Makishima - Children & Family Life

Rosella Shishido - Communications   

Laura Kay Rand - Congregational Life Ministry 

Jenny Sung - Congregational Life, Small Groups, Women

Marianna Meachen - Care Ministries, Deacons 

Christopher Pan - Executive Director 

Nat Higa - Family Ministry    

Les Hidaka - Finance Committee  

Kristi Maynard - G.I.F.T. Committee & WAKO (Wednesdays at Ko’olau)

Sharon Kyle - Hospitality & Red Carpet Ministry   

Peter Kang - Impact Ministries

Kyle Watari - Impact Ministries 

Phyllis Unebasami - Life Training Ministry (Adult Education) 

Susan Murray - Long-Range Planning Team and Personnel Team

Derek Morita - Men’s Ministry 

David Chang - Ministry Coordinator

Laurie Tam Oishi - Nominating Team

Tyne Cody - Vintage (seniors ministry; formerly Out & About)

Sherri Shephard - Prayer Ministry  

Kathy Makuakane - Small Groups 

Lena Pang - Women’s Ministry

Scott Schultz - Worship and Performing Arts Ministry

Lauren Stein - Young Adults and College Ministries

Joy Yoshida - Youth Ministry 

Heidi Lum - Elder-at-large


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