The Parenting Children Course
 September 10, 2017 09:30am

Sept 10 to Nov 26, Sundays (except the first Sundays of the month) • 9:30am to 11 am • Fireside Room

Need help with parenting? Then come to the PARENTING CHILDREN COURSE designed for parents and other adults taking care of children ages birth to 10 years old. Topics include how to build strong foundations, how to set boundaries, and how to pass on values you hold important to you.
Each session features a video teaching that’s interspersed with filmed clips of parents and children talking about their experience of parenting or being parented, street interviews, and advice from a variety of parenting experts. The video is followed by a time of small group discussions where you will NOT be required to share anything about your family that you would prefer not to. Every part of the PARENTING CHILDREN COURSE is optional, including contributing to the small group discussions.
COST: $7.50 per person for the course booklet.
FACILITATORS: Sam and Karen Lee.


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