Healing Service
 May 5, 2019 02:00pm to 03:30pm

May 5, Sun, 2 pm, Sanctuary

If you’re wanting prayers for physical or emotional healing, come to the next Healing Service. Expect a time of quiet worship of our Lord, a message of hope, and an extended time of private prayer with compassionate prayer warriors. Come and bring a friend. 
Here are comments from some people who were prayed for at one of our healing services: 
“When they were praying for me I had my head bowed & eyes closed while the two prayer counselors had their hands on my shoulders. Then I felt a hand physically touching me on my heart and warmth & tingling went through my body. I opened my eyes to see who was touching me, but there wasn’t any hand I could see. I felt loved, closer to God, and it changed my perspective on organized religion. It’s removed my skepticism and increased my faith that God really hears my prayers.”
“I was healed in my emotions. I feel closer to God and loved.”
“I felt very mellow & peaceful – I want to go again.”
“I felt that my love for my wife was revived! I felt emotional about it. I felt healed and understood; closer to God and His presence.”
“I want to do it again. I had bad back pain and when the Pastor prayed for the whole group my pain went away. When he prayed my pain was relieved and I knew he was praying for me. Before this I was skeptical about God and church stuff but now I know He is there.”
“I felt God’s Spirit come into my body. There was warmth, tingling within me, like a weight was lifted, and lightness in my soul.”
“I asked for prayer for my emotions, and I felt like it went well, that things just went right. I felt like they cared, and I’d like to go back again. I felt a greater sense of peace after.”
“It felt so good being in an environment with so many good people – no gangs, no one around who would hurt me, very safe & secure.”


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