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Updates on Pali Highway

Posted: Feb 22, Friday, 10:52 pm


Pali Highway is still not fully open for motorists, so please take Likelike Highway or H3 to get to First Prez Honolulu. This will mean adding approximately 10 minutes to your drive time.


Here’s the latest status of the roadwork on Pali Highway for your commute to First Prez this weekend:







For as long as the Pali Highway remains closed in the Kailua direction on Sunday mornings, pick-up times will be: 7:10 Ala Moana Beach Park, 7:20 Lincoln Elementary School, 7:20 Pacific Club, 7:25 Arcadia Retirement Residence, 8:20 Hawaii Kai Retirement, 8:40 Kahala Nui Retirement Community, 8:50 Lincoln Elementary, 8:50 Pacific Club, 8:55 Arcadia Retirement Residence.





HIM Conference 2019

Conference dates: March 21-23, HI Convention Center
The Hawaiian Islands Ministries (HIM) Conference is an annual gathering where you can get trained and equipped by some of the best Christian teachers and speakers. This year’s theme: KINGDOM COME. Deepen your relationship with God and learn practical ministry tools and real-life application through more than 60 seminars. Worship led by Ben Cantelon and Tom Smith of England.
The discount code for First Prez has expired, but tickets are still available at full price at













discipleship videos

Check this out—we’ve just produced a new series of teaching videos on what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. These videos feature Pastor Steve Peich explaining what a disciple looks like and how each person can be one as God intended Jesus-followers to be. Along the way we hope to deepen your understanding of discipleship and equip you with some practical ways to live as a disciple of Jesus.

This series of videos is designed for both personal study and small groups. 

 Click on these links to:


• WATCH THE VIDEOS on the First Prez Vimeo channel and to



You can also WATCH THESE VIDEOS ON RIGHTNOW MEDIA, the "Netflix" of Bible study videos.

RightNow Media has more than 20,000 Christian videos for learning and discipleship from some of the best speakers and teachers worldwide. There are videos on a variety of topics, all viewable on any digital device. First Prez subscribes as a church so that all our members and attendees can have free access to this amazing resource. Email to and we’ll send you the link to start watching Pastor Steve and many other teachers!


There are a whole host of new videos added over the last six months. Here’s where you can find the new discipleship videos by Pastor Steve on RightNow Media. We’ll be adding more videos soon.

March 24, Sunday Worship Services

8 AM and 10:30 AM only


Only two worship services on March 24. Guest preacher: Mike Pilavachi. Guest worship leader: Tom Smith. Prayer for healing and encouragement will be held at the end of the service. Come! You’re always welcome. 



40 Days of Prayer and Fasting



Ongoing till April 20


Fasting is one of the spiritual disciplines we need to develop if we want to grow deeper in our relationship with God. It’s also a way of awakening our spiritual zeal, which we ought to have if we follow the Lord who is alive and always at work around us. 


Fasting is abstaining from a meal, a specific food, a specific drink, or a specific activity so that we can disconnect from regular patterns or habits for a while and focus more of God. It’s like getting a spiritual reboot!



  • SPECIFIC FOOD FAST: Choosing to abstain from specific foods like meat, processed or fast foods, desserts, coffee, alcohol, and soda to name a few.
  • SPECIFIC ACTIVITY FAST: Choosing to abstain from a regular activity or habit, like engaging in social media and watching TV, and instead devoting the time to prayer, solitude in order to listen to God, and the reading of the Bible and Christian books. 
  • JUICE FAST: Consuming vegetable and fruit juices and water, instead of solid food. Even if you choose not to make your entire fast liquids-only, substituting liquids for one or two meals is another alternative.
  • DANIEL FAST: Consuming only the food that the prophet Daniel (in the Bible) ate while he fasted. According to the book of Daniel chapter 1, Daniel fasted by having only vegetables and water. In another time that he fasted, Daniel abstained from meat, wine, and rich foods, according to Daniel chapter 10.




Fasting will lead us closer to the Lord if combined with daily prayer time and the daily reading of the Bible. When praying, let’s make our primary goal to know Jesus more and experience Him more. Simply talk to Him. Choose a place and time where we can seek Him daily. Schedule it in, if that will help.




There are many free tools available to help us get started on reading passages of the Bible every day. Here are a few of them:




Here are other ideas that can help make your fasting experience more pleasant and meaningful:

  • Choose a fast that will work for you. The fast will need to present some level of difficulty for you, but be realistic and commit to that fast.
  • If fasting from specific food, please consult with your physician first, especially if you have health concerns, if you’re pregnant, or if you’re nursing a baby.
  • If fasting from specific food or drink, make a fasting calendar that fits your plan so you can see what each day looks like.
  • Stock on items you need so you don’t easily give in to temptation to break your fast.
  • Make it a priority to be around other believers during the fast. This will encourage you to keep on going when the fasting gets difficult.
  • If you mess up, please don’t get discouraged. Just get right back on and continue your fast as planned. The Lord will give you the grace and the strength to finish the fast. 
  • Let’s not let what we’re fasting from be the focus of our fast. The main thing is to draw closer to God while we’re fasting.  























Women’s Dinner





March 8, Fri, 6:30-8:30 PM, Grand Ballroom


All women are invited to the relaunch of Women’s Ministry! Guest speaker GLORIA SHOMO, the new elder of Women’s Ministry, will talk about her spiritual journey, discuss a relationship approach to discipleship, and share the vision for the ministry this year. Come and hang out with other women from the church. 


Register online here, or in the Fellowship Hall on Sunday mornings.



Gloria Shomo is a wife, mother, entrepreneur, and cancer survivor who’s passionate about finding wholeness and excellence in a busy lifestyle, and carrying out authentic, practical Christianity. Her professional background started in the feature film industry in Hollywood, where she worked as a visual effects coordinator, to a career in the IT industry, and then to her own current media and marketing company. She is a work-from-home mom who also helps manage her husband’s real-estate business.








Ash Wednesday Service

ash wednesday


March 6, Wed, 6:30pm, Sanctuary


A contemplative time of worship, prayer, and Communion service led by Pastor Steve Peich. There will also be the imposition of ashes on the forehead to remind us of our mortality, the need to repent, and the need to accept the salvation Jesus Christ offers to all people. Ash Wednesday kicks off the season of Lent.


Come and bring a friend.


Ash Wednesday is also the start of the 40-DAY FAST. Read here to find out why we fast.





How to Prepare for College

prepare for college

March 8, Friday, 6:30 - 8:30 PM, FPC High School Youth Room


Students 8th-12th grades and their parents/guardians are invited to this FREE seminar hosted by the First Prez Ohana Ministry. FREE pizza dinner at 6:30 PM, followed by the seminar at 7:30 PM led by Ann Watanabe, College Career Coach at Kaimuki Christian School. She’ll talk about how to have a successful transition from high school to college. Students may attend the seminar by themselves, but it’s most beneficial when students attend with their parents.


Click here to register for the HOW TO PREPARE FOR COLLEGE SEMINAR.


Childcare may be requested when you register online. (Childcare pending till approved.)

Parenting Teens Class

Sunday mornings, 9:30-11am, FPC
(except on first Sundays of the month)


This course is for parents, step-parents, prospective parents, and caregivers looking for practical support to strengthen family relationships. Over 10 sessions, the course will help you:



  • Keep your long-term aim in mind.
  • Meet your teenager’s needs.
  • Set clear boundaries.
  • Develop emotional health.
  • Help them make good choices.


Facilitators: Sam and Karen Lee


No need to register; just come!

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